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Vans Sk8-Hi BMX Sk8-Hi 238 Dakota Roche Shoes Green / Black

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

Introducing the brand spanking new Dakota Roche signature Green/Black colourway in the Sk8-Hi style 238 - which has been given the BMX treatment:

The iconic Vans-style upper with DURACAP™ reinforcement, on top of our WAFFLECUP™ BMX construction, gives the BMX Sk8-Hi 238 maximum pedalfeel and durability. . .with a timeless style. This high top BMX shoe also features sturdy suede and 10 oz canvas uppers, supportive padded collars, and Vans original waffle outsoles made of a rubber that offers grip and support.

• VANS WAFFLECUP BMX CONSTRUCTION - A first of its kind in BMX, specifically designed to deliver the best combination of pedalfeel, support, and durability.

• UNRIVALLED DURABILITY - Reinforced DURACAP™ underlays in high-wear areas add unrivaled durability to prolong the life of each shoe.

• CLASSIC GUM RUBBER GRIP - The Van Doren™ Gum Rubber Compound, made of a rubber that offers grip and support, is what attracted BMXers to Vans in the first place. This is the Sole of BMX.

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