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S&M Bikes BMX Parts and Clothing

Founded mid 1987 by friends Greg “Scott” Swingrover and Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller, S&M Bikes was created to craft BMX bikes that could handle the use and abuse the founders and their friends were dishing out. 

For more than two decadent decades since, Moeller has steered the S&M ship through hell and high water. Crazy nights, ideas and antics aside, the goal at S&M has always been the same: to make good bikes and run things their way. With American flags and middle fingers waving in the wind, S&M will continue to sail the seas of BMX cheese until other companies make bikes as good as theirs or it’s not fun anymore. Neither of which looks likely to happen soon.

Here at Alans BMX we carry everything we can from S&M, surely the brand that defines "legit" brands. No compromises. From frames and forks to patches and beer coolers, we're your No.1 source for S&M Bikes

S&M Bikes BMX Parts S&M Bikes Hoder Grips
Extra Colour Options Available

S&M Bikes Hoder Grips


Mike Hoder’s signature S&M grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Mike wanted. At 31.5mm they are a little Bi...

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S&M BMX Parts S&M Bikes Innertube
On Sale Extra Size Options Available

S&M Bikes BMX Innertube


  High quality genuine S&M Bikes inner tube. Available in 20, 22 and 24 inch sizes with Schrader (car type) valve.  20 x 1.75-2.40" 22 x 2.1...

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S&M Bikes Retro Padset

S&M Bikes Retro Padset


•  Protect the grill, knees and huevos all in one set.•  Genuine S&M!•  3 piece pad set.•  Nylon/Velcro Wrap.•  Foam padding.•  Great value.

S&M Clothing & Shoes L/XL S&M Bikes Block Socks Black

S&M Bikes Block Socks Black


  Your podiatrist called. He said you should wear these if you know what’s good.   New Block Socks from S&M with embroidered Shield logo.      "

S&M BMX Parts S&M Bikes Elevenz Bars
On Sale Extra Colour, Rise, Clamp SIze Options Available

S&M Bikes Elevenz Bars


  Turn it up to 11 with the S&M BIkes Elevenz bars! These are a whopping 11 inch rise with a 30 inch width. Made in USA from 4130 cr-mo. Are y...

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