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Tange Seiki

A legendary brand that we all ran on our bikes in the 1980's Tange have re-issued some of their classic headsets including the MX-2, the Beartrap and the sealed bearing alloy MX320, all available here at Alans BMX for your Old school BMX restoration.
Tange Old School BMX Tange Seiki MX320 Headset
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Tange Seiki MX320 Headset


The classic high end alloy Tange-Seiki MX-320 headset re-made but now with sealed bearings for super smooth and awesome rattle free operation but...

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Tange Old School BMX Tange Orange Sew On Patch NOS

Tange Orange Sew On Patch NOS


New Old Stock genuine - NOT reproduction - TANGE sew on patch circa early 1980's from our archives.  105mm (just under 4" in diameter). ONE ONLY!