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United BMX Bikes and Parts

Since United was formed by Ian Morris in Hastings UK back in 2006, they have always aimed for United to be amongst the finest bike companies in existence. 100% committed to everything that they put their name to; whether it is researching how to produce harder wearing, better looking and more responsive BMX products, embarking upon their huge Nora Cup winning DVD projects ‘This Is United' and ’Still United’, or creating a family of riders that also happens to include some of the best in the world.

Their range of complete bikes are probably the best value "real" BMX bikes available. A range of Supreme parts redefine quality and value and their rest of their parts range is designed and produced with a high attention to detail.

Here at Alans BMX we carry everything that United make. Buy now from Alans BMX with Worldwide, Next Day and Free Shipping options. Rollin' since 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK.


United BMX Parts United Dirty Bars
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United Dirty Bars


United Dirty Bars

United BMX Bikes Gloss Black United 2022 Martinez FC 21" TT Bike Gloss Black
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United 2022 Martinez FC 21" TT Bike Gloss Black


Cory Martinez's signature model for United comes ready to shred with all the spec you'd expect for a Pro level bike - full cromo frame, fully seale...

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