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Eclat Jordan Godwin Storm Forks

Brand: Eclat


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Brand: Eclat

One of the strongest BMX forks ever created: The Storm Fork is the result of over 3 years of laboratory testing and manufacturing refinements to create the ultimate BMX fork, fully backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Taking the Storm Fork’s recipe as a base, for 2020 we are excited to offer Eclat PRO and international powerhouse Jordan Godwin his own signature fork, complete with a super responsive 20mm offset and his own hand-drawn graphic set. One of the steepest forks on the market, Jordan’s signature Storm fork is built to take all the abuse you could throw at it (or throw it at!).

Backed by our full Lifetime Guarantee.

Material: Full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo

Machining: Fully CNC machined steerer tube and butted fork blades
Mechanically formed fork leg
Integrated crown race
Designed for integrated 45° headsets

Steerer length: 170mm, re-designed for extra strength

Dropouts: CNC machined laser cut 5mm thick
heat-treated 4130 crmo, 3/8″ (10mm) slot

Offset: Shorter 20mm offset

Topbolt: M24 thread, 7075-T6 alloy

Colours: Glossy black ED, matte pastel orange

Features: 1pc hydroformed fork leg for increased strength and super clean look.
Clearance for 2.4″+ tyres


Weight: 1021g (36oz)