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Haro Group One 24 Inch Bike Pink / Orange / Yellow

Brand: Haro

Code: 24790

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Estimated Date Due: April 2024

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Brand: Haro

All our BMX Bikes are sent flatpacked and require assembly by a qualified cycle mechanic for the warranty to be valid, you can select our Ready2Ride shipping method and we will build the bike and sent it via courier with your warranty all valid, you just need to turn the bars and attatch the pedals. If you wish to collect your bike from our retail store it will come fully built and ready to ride free of charge.



Experience the essence of racing history with the Haro Group 1 24" - a tribute to the groundbreaking Group 1 race bike from 1991. This modern masterpiece exceeds all expectations and captures the pioneering spirit of the past.

The heat-treated aluminium frame stays true to the original by preserving the wraparound head tube while combining it with a full chromoly fork and an impressive 7" high freestyler handlebar. This bike embodies authenticity and innovation to perfection.

The oversized geometry on the 24" wheels creates an impressive balance of stability, control and comfort. Whether on the race track, the pump track or in between - the Group 1 24" takes you to a new level.

  • 6061-T6 Heat Treated Alloy Frame w/ Integrated Headtube, MID BB Shell & V-Brake Mounts
  • 1 1/8" Threadless Full Chromoly Fork w/ Internally Threaded Steerer Tube & Tapered Legs
  • Haro Baseline 3-pc Chromoly 8 Spline 175mm. Haro 39T alloy sprocket.
  • Poly Platform, Chromoly 9/16" Axle
  • Haro Freestyler 7" rise bars
  • 36 hole double wall rims
  • Haro Group 1 seat
  • Haro Group 1 Fusion 3 piece pad set
  • Haro Team Grips