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SE Bikes 2022 20 Inch Ripper Bike SE Blue

Brand: SE Bikes

Code: 29221131520

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Brand: SE Bikes

The new SE Blue colourway SE Ripper is now a scaled down wheelie machine for the younger Bikelife crew. Check out the bigger seat with a supper grippy top cover, the Vee Tire Co x SE Cub tyres and new SE Bikes Life grips equipped with SE donuts. For the very first time the Ripper now comes equipped with SE Wheelie pegs and SE Bikes Life number plate. Now let’s get out there and raise it up! 

The lightweight aluminum Ripper bike is the perfect bike for kids to get a new taste of the #SEBIKESLIFE. Built around 20" wheels and with a 20" long top tube, it fits the youngsters perfectly. This multi-purpose bike is perfect for the BMX track, trails or cruising around and doing wheelies with friends in the neighbourhood. Lets get kids on bikes! 

Key Features

  • Lightweight 6061 aluminium floval tubing frame with Euro bottom bracket and SE Wave dropouts
  • Alex C1000 rims with alloy hubs
  • Vee Tire Co Cub 20” x 2.0” tyres
  • Lightweight top-load stem with hidden top cap for a clean look
  • Ripper seat with super grippy top cover
  • SE Bikes Life grips with rubber end plugs
  • 6061 forged alloy 3-piece cranks
  • SE nylon fibre pedals
  • SE wheelie pegs and alloy valve caps included
  • 23.3 pounds