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Sunday Bikes Wavelength 21.25" TT Custom Bike Matte Army Green

Brand: Sunday

Code: BSD140224

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Brand: Sunday

All our BMX Bikes are sent flatpacked and require assembly by a qualified cycle mechanic for the warranty to be valid, you can select our Ready2Ride shipping method and we will build the bike and sent it via courier with your warranty all valid, you just need to turn the bars and attatch the pedals. If you wish to collect your bike from our retail store it will come fully built and ready to ride free of charge.

FULL CUSTOM Sunday Wavelength is STACKED TO THE GILLS with top shelf custom parts from Odyssey, BSD, Cult, Eclat, Demolition and ODI. Including a Eclat hybrid hub that you can convert from freecoaster to cassette. Best of all you save over 500 quid! One only!

The Wavelength is Gary Young's signature Sunday Bikes Wavelength Frame. With a longer rear end, this frame is designed for riders who love to go fast and want a more stable ride while ripping around transitions and trails. Mix in classic Sunday features like hollow dropouts with chain tensioners and dent resistant Wave downtube, and you have the WAVELENGTH frame. 

Frame Sunday Wavelength Frame Matte Army Green * with some minor previous build marks (see photos)
Fork Odyssey R25 Forks Black
Headset Tribal Black
Bars BSD Raider Bars Black
Stem BSD Levelled Stem 50mm Black
Grips ODI Longneck SLX Grips Army Green
Seat BSD Safari Fat Pivotal Seat Super Green
Seatpost We The People 200mm pivotal Black
Crank Odyssey Thunderbolt + Cranks 165mm RHD BB Included
Pedals Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals Black
Chain Cult 510 Chain with Half Link Chrome   
Front Rim Eclat Camber Sleeved Rim Black Black 
Front Hub Eclat Seismic Front Hub with Hub Guards Black 
Rear Rim Eclat Camber Sleeved Rim Black 
Rear Hub Eclat Shift Freecoaster / Cassette Hub Black 
Tyre BSD Donnastreet Tyre Grey with Skin Wall 2.3"
Tyre BSD Donnastreet Tyre Grey with Skin Wall 2.3"
Sprocket BSD Jonesin' Guard Sprocket Black 25T