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Alans BMX Christmas BMX Bike Competition

Thats right! Be in to win a Radio Bike Revo Pro bike in silver!

Check out the youtube video below to see what you can win and click the link below to enter. GOOD LUCK

We are giving away one (1) Radio Bikes Revo Pro in Silver to one lucky winner for Christmas. The RADIO REVO line allows you to get your first taste of the BMX world on a solid and well-designed bike. We took extra care when hand selecting the components on these bikes to ensure that the bike could be ridden straight out of the box, simple to work on and maintain, but also easily upgradable over time. Despite the low price-point, the REVO is packed full of great features like 25-9 gearing, tapered fork legs, and short/responsive pro-inspired geometry.

Enter the giveaway here:

We also have a promotion code for all Radio Bike products with 10% during the contest. Just use the code RADIOBIKES on at checkout

Also for the duration of the contest enjoy 10% off ALL RADIO BIKES AND PARTS with the code RADIOBIKES at checkout




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