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Courage Adams Vans Pro BMX

BALANCE. Such a simple, but yet impactful word in the life of Courage Adams. Born in Nigeria, he moved to northern Spain with his family at the age of 5. It wasnt untill he was 12 when he discovered a Bmx bike for the first time - and when his Bmx journey started. Courage is gifted with an incredible talent, no matter if it´s the burly stunt tricks, or the techy tricks. But his real game comes to play once he´s on his front or backwheel. Those long and almost impossible manual combos are his signature. A powerhouse of a human, focussed, shy, humble and yet with the biggest heart and smile you could think of. Check out his VANS COURAGE video and also a very heartwarming Red Bull documentary "ENCOURAGED", where he travels back to Nigeria to link up with family and the Lagos Bmx Crew.

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