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Total BMX Fresh Parts Drop

We just had a new delivery of Total BMX parts, with some new items and some restocks of popular parts we ran out of a while ago. 

For those not familiar with the brand, Total BMX is a UK-based success story founded by former vert pro Ronnie Remo and pro rider Mark Webb who everyone know from his Webbie Show on YouTube (opens in new window). With a  focus on Park riding their team of Webbie, Alex Coleborn, Kyle Baldock, Nick Bruce and Colton Walker rip it up at contest worldwide. 

First up has to be the 4th generation frames in this drop. 

Starting with the Kyle Baldock Killabee K4 frame. Total have brought back the integrated chain tensioners and these frames have their exclusive DBS Dual Brake System, where the dual gyro cables run through the seat tube. Top tube size are 19.75", 20.4", 20.7" and 21". Headtube angle is a steeper 75.75º and the rear end is a short 12.65” - 12.95”. The standover is quite low as you'd expect for this tech frame at 7.7” (measured from centre of BB to centre of TT). Two great new colours have been introduced, the Black/Yellow Fade and Metallic Gold and if you want to tone it down, it comes in ED Black as well. The Total Killabee K4 18 Inch frame is an aftermarket frame for 18 inch wheeled bikes and has all the same features and tech, just scaled down and available in ED Black or Metallic Gold.

The three new colours in the Killabee K4 frame.

The other new frames in the drop are the updated:
•  Mark Webb signature TWS 2 frame in ED Black, Metallic Green or Sky Blue.
•  Alex Coleborn signature Hangover H4 frame in Gunmetal Grey or Gloss White.
•  Nick Bruce signature Americano frame in ED Black or Mint

As for forks we have Hangover and TWS forks in Black or Chrome, as well as H25 fork caps in Black or Rainbow. The TWS fork now also comes in an 18" version as well. 

Moving onto Total BMX bars, there are signature Killabee, Hangover and TWS 2 handlebars in rises from 8.25" all the way up to 9.5". 

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