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DMR BMX Parts DMR V6 Nylon Pedals
Extra Colour Options Available

DMR V6 Nylon Pedals


The DMR V6 is the newest member of the DMR pedal family. DMR V6 pedals are a Nylon evolution of the newest V12 body design. It has the same concave...

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DMR New V8 V2 Pedals
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

DMR New V8 V2 Pedals


Sharing the concave shape and durability that the iconic DMR V8 became famous for the new version has a larger platform area and serviceable Dual ...

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Dmr BMX Parts Yellow DMR V11 Nylon Pedals
On Sale Extra Colour Options

DMR V11 Nylon Pedals


DMR does performance composite: Presenting the V11 pedal. For those that favour the durability, compliance and affordability of composite pedals, t...

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