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Kink BMX Parts Kink BMX Sticker Pack

Kink BMX Sticker Pack


Assorted KINK BMX sticker pack.  Exact amount of stickers and quantities of each one may vary slightly. But there is plenty in each pack.

Kink BMX Parts Kink Splendor Mid Pivotal Seat
Extra Colour Options Available

Kink Splendor Mid Pivotal Seat


Splendor Pivotal Seat Colour: Black or Brown Size: Thick Material: Faux Leather System: Pivotal Installation: 6mm Allen key  Weight: 12.9oz

Kink BMX Parts Kink Gyro Cable
Extra Type, Colour Options Available

Kink Gyro Cable


Kink Gyro cables available in either Upper or Lower Dual cables. The Kink Upper Gyro cables are a uniquely designed dual cable system, and are ava...

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Kink BMX Parts Kink Bold HRD Stem
Extra Colour, Reach, Clamp Size Options Available

Kink Bold HRD Stem


Balancing design, materials and manufacturing techniques allow the Kink Bold HRD to truly be a solid and affordable stem. The die-cast aluminum bod...

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Kink Myriad Gyro
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Kink Myriad Gyro


The Kink Myriad Gyro features a CNC machined body, made from 6061-T6 Aluminium. The low stack design increases cable pull and the inner nylon bushi...

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Kink BMX Parts Kink Mid Bottom Bracket
Extra Colour, Size Options Available

Kink Mid Bottom Bracket


Kink bottom bracket kits include precision sealed bearings, machined dust cover cones, and all the spacers needed for perfect crank and chain align...

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Kink BMX Parts Kink Vogue Fork 25mm Offset
Extra Colour, Offset Options Available

Kink Vogue Fork 25mm Offset


The Kink Vogue forks check all the boxes; strength, feel, and aesthetics. The fork legs feature a custom oval tube profile, welded up to a fully CN...

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