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Haro 1999 Master Bike Chrome Used

Brand: Haro

Code: HAROMASTER300524

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Brand: Haro

Rare and very original 1999 Haro Master, from the years that BMX was on the down-low, so not many of these were sold. Chrome is GREAT, fitted with a new full set of stickers (from an earlier model). As ridden by Chad DeGroot, see photos.

Just refreshed in our workshop with the wheels rebuilt with stainless Halo spokes and the following NEW parts:

4-Jeri 16T freewheel

KMC chain

Odyssey Gyro G3

Maxxis Hookworm tyres

Dia-Compe levers


Haro Fusion DX alloy pedals 

4x Haro Fusion alloy pegs