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Shadow Conspiracy Pads and Protection

Shadow Conspiracy's protection is grown in recent years from just gloves in the back pocket of Ali Whitton's jeans to arguably the best protection in BMX. Unlike modified downhill or moto pads, Shadow protection is designed from the ground up specifically for BMX that riders really love. That means it's lightweight, comfortable and you can ride in it all day without it binding and pinching like some pads do.

The Shadow Conspiracy Ivisa Lite range is a great example of this and can be worn under your jeans, this line now comprises shin, elbow, knee & ankle guards - this stuff is pads for riders who don't like wearing pads. Then for those looking for a little more protection there is the Shadow Conspiracy Super Slim line with Knee and Elbow pads and we have kids sizes in these now for the first time, finally! Helmets, let's take about helmets, a fairly crowded marketplace in BMX but straight out of the gate Shadow's helmet made an impact (if you will exclude the pun) then the Featherweight helmets launched and it became one of best sellers right away. 

Revive is Shadow's line of gear for those recovering from (or wishing to avoid) an injury with both Wrist and Ankle supports. 

Lastly, where is all began and that is with the Conspire glove which now includes kids sizes.