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Maxxis DTH Wire Bead 24 Inch Tyre

Brand: Maxxis

Code: TB47649000

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Brand: Maxxis

For today's modern tracks with tarmac berms lightweight low-rolling-resistance tyres are essential - if you want to win you need one of these. The DTH is an all-new super-low-rolling-resistance race tyre that makes the Holy Roller look like a 2.25 Maxx Daddy ;) We will have these in most sizes and reckon they are going to be hot for racing and dirt use.


Drop-The-Hammer. The first few pedal strokes win the holeshot. The holeshot wins the race. Designed for the 2008 Beijing Games, the foldable DTH is super-light to accelerate like no other BMX tyre, yet holds up to the abuse you dish out. The dual-compound tread corners incomparably on hard-packed tracks and rolls fast on the straights. The Gold Medal is just a sprint away.


Features & Benefits:
• Light weight race tyre.
• Dual Compound Technology.
• Wire Bead.