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Tioga Spyder Dazz MX Junior BMX Race Pedals

Brand: Tioga


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Brand: Tioga

Replace the small, slippery pedals on your kids race bike right now with these grippy 14 pin alloy Tioga DAZZ MX pedals that won't break the bank. 

Function and value defines the Tioga DAZZ pedals.  The DAZZ MX is designed with a smaller platform for junior MTB, BMX, or any application where a more compact pedal body is desired. Die-cast alloy body spinning on smooth 2DU Double Bushing System performs better than most pedals in its price class.  The DAZZ MX represents the ideal balance of function and value. 




  Pins: 14 Removable pins

  Axle: 9/16” Boron axles

  Material: 6061-T6 Die-cast alloy body

  Bearings: 2 DU Dual Bushing System

  Dimensions: L105 x W93 x H25mm

  Colour: Black