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A'ME Old School BMX A'ME BMX Round Grips
Extra Colour Options Available

A'ME BMX Round Grips


The A’ME Round was one of our best selling grips for us back of 1980’s and rejoice, they are still making them, in the USA just like they always we...

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Dia-Compe Old School BMX Dia-Compe MX890 Front Brake
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Dia-Compe MX890 Front Brake


The Dia-Compe MX-890 pre-dates the MX-1000 and along with Shimano was the brake of choice before the "1000" came out. Perfect for all 80's restorat...

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A'ME Old School BMX A'ME BMX Tri Grips
Extra Colour Options Available

A'ME BMX Tri Grips


The grip of choice for our Robinson and Torker UK race team back in the 80’s, the A’ME Tri grip is now available again, made in USA just like it al...

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Dia-Compe BMX Parts Dia-Compe 1 1/8" Headset Spacer
Extra Size, Colour Options Available

Dia-Compe 1 1/8" Headset Spacer


Genuine Dia-Compe Aheadset spacer available in 1 1 /8" in black, blue, white, green, gold, red or silver and 2mm, 5mm and 10mm.  1 1/8" 2, 5, 10mm

Dia-Compe BMX Parts Dia-Compe Brake Cable Red
On Sale Extra Type Options Available

Dia-Compe Brake Cable Red


• Genuine Dia-Compe cable in red or blue made exclusively for ALANS BMX. • Front: 72 mm outer / 58 mm inner cable. • Rear: 118 mm outer / 130 mm ii...

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