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Creature Galaxy Logo Green/Purple 7.8" Complete Skateboard

Brand: Creature

Code: CRE-COM-0152

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Brand: Creature

Featuring all new wider shapes for easy foot placement and shorter wheelbases for easy turning with a sizing guide hangtag that makes buying a new complete straight forward for individuals of any age or gender.

High Quality Components:

Deck: Lightweight, super strong 7-ply maple construction

Trucks: Strong, lightweight cast aluminium trucks w/ either 85a cushions (super-micro, micro, &; mini) or 90a cushions (mid-large sizes) for easy turning.

Wheels: Smooth riding, durable wheels w/ either 83a hardness (super-micro, micro, &; mini) or 95a hardness (mid-large sizes) high-rebound urethane.

Grip tape: High quality professional grade grit and adhesive.

Bearings: Abec 5 Durable high speed precision steel bearings with oil lubricant for easy rolling.

Super Micro (Age 3-6) 7.25 x 27, 10.5" Wheelbase Micro (Age 4-8) 7.5 x 28.25, 11.25" Wheel base Mini (Age 6-10) 7.75 x 30, 13" Wheel base Mid (Age 8-12) 7.8 x 31, 13.5" Wheel base Full (Age 10-14) 8 x 31.25, 13.75" Wheelbase Large (Age 14-16+) 8.25 x 31.5, 14" Wheelbase

Size: 30 x 7.75 IN