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FIST Handwear Chapter 18 Buchanan Peaches Gloves

Brand: FIST

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Brand: FIST

Like our Race Team TM, John Bentley, do you have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the awesome Caroline Buchanan? Then don't hang about and get your hands* on these while you can while you can! Limited Edition Carloine Chapter 18 "Peaches" gloves. When these are gone, these collector's items are GONE baby!
* pun intended ;)
    • Pre curved Clarino palm makes for superior wear without sacraficing feel and are also form fitting so there is no bunching or blistering while featuring full breathability and flexibility
    • Sublimated twill spandex uppers feature full breathability and supreme comfort
    • Tacky silicon print on palm and fingers offers maximum grip even in wet conditions
    • Clarino is one of the most durable man made synthetic leathers on the market
    • Part of FISTs Chapter 18 Collection - get them before they are gone!