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KHE MVP Rear Cassette Wheel Oil Slick

Brand: KHE

Code: L8070-020-77

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Brand: KHE

KHE deliver a pro-level sealed bearing Oil Slick cassette wheel at a mind-blowing  price. As with all KHE wheels, it is important that they are very light but also stable with high-quality precision sealed bearings. The male 14mm hardened 4130 CrMo axle is especially suitable for street and park riders, the hub body as well as the cone nuts are CNC machined and Oil Slick finish built onto a high quality, 32mm wide double wall rim. Finished off with quality KHE rimtape. 

PLEASE NOTE: These do have scratches on them - hence the price. See images. 

If you order a tyre and tube at the same time, we'll fit and inflate it for you. 


  • Weight: only 1110g
  • Hub/Rim: 36 holes
  • Axle: 14mm, made of sturdy 4130 CrMo
  • Incl. 9 teeth sprocket RHD
  • Axle length: 170mm
  • Rim: KHE Doublewall (32mm wide)
  • Spokes: KHE black anodised spokes
  • CNC machined hub
  • Industrial bearings (precision sealed bearings)
  • Material: 7005 aluminium
  • Colour: Oil Slick finish
  • High pressure rim tape included
  • High end product from KHE

Important to know:

Oil Slick finish is a very special finish and can get small fine scratches after rim assembling.

Spoke holes: 36H
Axle size: 14mm
Teeth: 9T
Colour: Oil Slick