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Old School BMX Sale

Tange Old School BMX Tange Seiki MX320 Headset
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Tange Seiki MX320 Headset


The classic high end alloy Tange-Seiki MX-320 headset re-made but now with sealed bearings for super smooth and awesome rattle free operation but...

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Dia-Compe Old School BMX Dia-Compe MX890 Front Brake
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Dia-Compe MX890 Front Brake


The Dia-Compe MX-890 pre-dates the MX-1000 and along with Shimano was the brake of choice before the "1000" came out. Perfect for all 80's restorat...

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Mirage Old School BMX Mirage ST Seatclamp 28.6mm
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Mirage ST Seatclamp 28.6mm


Iconic design 1980's alloy seatclamp to fit modern freestyle bikes.  •  Standard 28.6mm ID for use with 25.4 seatpost on cro-mo frames -  so most m...

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Haro Old School BMX Haro Axle Extenders
Extra Colour, Thread Options Available

Haro Axle Extenders


Beautifully made genuine Haro precision CNC machined 6061 T6 alloy construction screw-on axle pegs. Add the final touch to your vintage freestyle ...

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SE Bikes Old School BMX SE Bikes 12 O'Clock Pedals
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

SE Bikes 12 O'Clock Pedals


The SE 12 o'clock pedals feature a low profile design with ten traction pins for fantastic grip as you nail your favourite tricks. SE Bikes has als...

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ELF BMX Old School BMX ELF Chain Tensioners
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

ELF Chain Tensioners


Add the ELF touch to your race or old school bike. ELF BMX Chain Tensioners are still made in Southern California out of 6061 Aluminum for optimal...

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ELF BMX Old School BMX ELF Satellite Seatclamp
On Sale Extra Colour, Size Options Available

ELF Satellite Seatclamp


Complete your bike build with and this ELF Satellite double bolt seatclamp! Available in multiple finishes and 3 different sizing options. All opt...

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