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Eclat Seismic Front Hub with Hub Guards

Brand: Eclat

Code: A100004527

Code: A100016978

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Brand: Eclat

The new Eclat Seismic front hub is based on Eclat's popular Cortex hub but with the hub shell shape designed more like the Seismic cassette for those wating to make a matching pair.  

The Sesmic comes out of the box with oversize hub beraing and x2 Nylon fibreglass hubguards to keep you rolling on and on…

This hub features a longer 35mm bolt to accommodate plastic pegs and for a stronger female bolt setup.

6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell

4130 crmo female axle. 3/8″ threadBearings:
2 sealed high-quality bearings


black, silver polished

allen key inner axle for easy maintenance / narrow flange for better spoke clearance when grinding

PCD: 38mm, Flange offset 26.75mm

302g (10.65oz : 0.66lbs)