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G-Sport Elite LHD/RHD Switchable Cassette Wheelset Pair

Brand: G-sport

Code: GSPRP010324

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Brand: G-sport

Make a HUGE saving on these handbuilt pro-level custom wheels with Gsport Ribcage rim laced to Roloway cassette hub and front Odyssey Vandero Pro, making one of the strongest BMX wheels you can get. 

Limited edition Purple rims, black hubs and black spokes.

Comes with G-sport High Pressure Rim Strips.

If you buy tyres with these wheels from us we'll fit them with free tubes and inflate them to max psi so they are all ready to fit your bike without the hassle. 

Roloway Cassette Hub
This RHD/LHD compatible hub features a modern slim shape along with all the durability you've come to expect from a G-Sport hub.

7075-T6 aluminium hub shell
Super durable and smooth 16003 sealed cartridge hub shell bearings
14mm 4130 chromoly axle bolts w/17mm 4130 chromoly female axle
9T driver with 3-Pawl independent spring design and precision caged needle bearings
RHD/LHD switchable
Replaceable plastic hub guard included

Roloway Cassette Hub Specifications
Spoke Configuration: 36 hole
Hub Shell Material: 7075-T6 aluminum
Hub Shell Bearings: 16003 sealed cartridge ball bearing
Axle: 17mm 4130 chromoly female axle
Axle Bolts: 14mm 4130 chromoly
Guard Option: Plastic hub guards included
Drive Side Flange Diameter: 50mm
Non-Dive Side Flange Diameter: 50mm
Drive Side Flange to Center: 29mm
Non-Drive Side Diameter: 29mm
Weight: 480g with guard / 436g without guard

Ribcage Rim
The Ribcage is our strongest rim. It features thick outer walls, cross-over-spoke lacing, and our patented “Rib” design.

Ribcage Rim Specifications
Sizes: 20" only
Drillings: 36 and 48
Weight: 500g / 17.6oz
Width: 36mm
Height: 18mm
ERD: 389mm
U.S. Patent 7,427,112

Vandero Pro Front Hub
The Vandero hub is back and better than ever. This new PRO version of the Vandero is a precision-sealed hub with proven in-bound 3/8” axle bolts and two plastic guards.

7075-T6 aluminum hub shell
 6903RS sealed cartridge ball bearings
Precision bored fully concentric bearing seats for a smoother spin and prolonged bearing life
17mm 7075-T6 aluminum axle with steel helicoil thread inserts
3/8” heat-treated chromoly axle bolts with 17mm wrench flats and a 6mm hex slot
Replaceable plastic hub guards included

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