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S&M Bikes Rambler Nathan Frame Gloss Clear

Brand: S&M Bikes

Code: FRSM60GC212

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Brand: S&M Bikes

Nathan Halahan is certified, Grade A(pe) good at riding little bikes on big piles of dirt. The S&M RAMBLER frame is unquestionably crafted to give Nate (and anyone else who throws a leg over one) the confidence they need to free their inner-trail Yeti. Nate’s version comes with a 74.25° head tube angle and a slightly shorter rear-end length for discerning riders who dig that sorta thing. Get you a RAMBLER and let the journey begin…

PLEASE NOTE: This frame has a Translucent paint finish which means you can see the welds and anything else through the paint. It is generally not as durable as solid paint and can scratch easier. Additionally, the steel can develop sort of spider-web marks which of course you can see through the translucent paint, this is all part of the effect in a way, but we are just making you aware of it. If this isn't for you, we'd suggest a non-translucent paint finish.  

Removable brake mounts not included, we sell these separately here.
  • TOP TUBE LENGTH 21"21.25"21.5"
  • REAR END LENGTH 13.75"-14.5
  • HEAD TUBE ANGLE 74.25°
  • HEAD TUBE STYLE 5" Integrated (45°/45° 41.8mm)
  • SEAT CLAMP Integrated
  • SEAT POST SIZE 1" (25.4mm)
  • BB HEIGHT 11.6"
  • BB STYLE Mid
  • BRAKE MOUNTS Welded Chainstay 990
  • DROPOUTS 14mm Slot 4Q-Baked
  • GYRO TABS None
  • WEIGHT 5.4 lb (2.45 kg)
  • TUBESET Butted Thermal-X