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Skyway Tuff Mag Coaster Brake Wheels 20 Inch Pair

Brand: Skyway

Code: SWT20CB-KP

Code: SWT20CB-RP

Code: SWT20CB-WP

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Brand: Skyway

New Skyway 20" Tuff wheels with sealed bearings, sold a pair front and rear with a coaster brake for your old school freestyle BMX restoration. 

•  10mm axles front and rear. 

•  Sealed bearing hubs.

•  Cog, clirclip and arm stay included. 

•  Fits tyre sizes 20x1.75 to 2.25. 

•  Avoid black marks on your rims remember to order Kool Stop Pads.

•  PLEASE NOTE As these wheels are composite that won’t be as perfectly true as a conventional alloy rim.

•  PLEASE NOTE: While we do check these before despatch you may need to wipe off any minor cosmetic marks when you receive and fit them, especially with the white ones.

If you order tyres and tubes from us at the same time we are happy to fit and inflate these for you.