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Total BMX Hangover H4 Frame ED Black

Brand: Total BMX

Code: FRTO012-BK1-1980

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Code: FRTO012-BK1-2040

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Code: FRTO012-BK1-2060

Code: FRTO012-BK1-2100

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Brand: Total BMX

The fresh new Hangover H4 from Total BMX has a shorter rear end making it even more of a spinning and whipping machine! Other notable changes are that we have changed the seat clamp to a regular style clamp with an easily replaceable nut and bolt and of course we have added the exclusive DBS braking system.

Ovalised chain stays and new colours round off the key changes for the H4.


Full Multi Butted Japanese Sanko 4130 Chromoly tubing
Head Tube Angle: 75.25º
Standover Height: 7.25” (centre of BB to centre of TT)
Rear End Length: 12.6” - 12.9”
Top Tube: 32mmø Multi butted internal gusseted
Down tube 34.9mm taper to 32mm internally gusseted
Tapered chain stays 21mm-17mm (Ovalised for dent resistance and extra tyre clearance)
Tapered seat stays 19mm-14mm, triple butted for lightness
Tyre clearance- 2.4”
BB Height: 11.5” low and stable
Headtube: Integrated and heat treated, drilled for gyro tabs. 117mm height
Removable brake mounts plus DBS kit and tabs all included (other brands charge extra)
Dropouts: 6mm thick heat treated with integrated chain adjusters and CNC cutouts
Brake Mod, 'DBS' (Dual Brake System) excusive to Total frames
Sizes:19.8”, 20.4”, 20.6”, 21” top tube lengths
Colour: Black ED/ Gunmetal Grey/ White Gloss
Weight: TBC
Warranty: 1 Year

Note- To achieve the desired seat height, the seat post may need to be cut (A suitably qualified person should do this) due to the 'DBS' flutes passing through the seat tube it is also important that the seat post does not touch the brake flutes as per the warning sticker on the frame, any damage deemed to be caused by failure to follow these instructions will not be covered by warranty.